A2 Inner Sleeves Standard (LF005A2)


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Product Pack Information
Product A2 Inner Sleeves Standard (LF005A2)
About Product Product Details:

  • Size: A4 (61 X 45)
  • Color: Black
  • Excellent quality 
  • Solid 
  • Comfortable Design 
  • Elegant black textured material
  • Keeps document safe
  • Comfortable handle
Qty 1 Piece
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India

About Product: A2 Inner Sleeves Standard has an excellent quality. It has a solid pattern. It has a strong poly zipper & water resistant fabric used in construction. A2 inner sleeves standard has available in black color which looks professional and classy too. You can easily hold this and are comfortable handling it. 


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