A3 Designer Portfolio Bag (WAP206A3)


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Product Pack Information
Product A3 Designer Portfolio Bag (WAP206A3)
About Product Product Details:

  • Size: A4 (50.5 X 35.5)
  • Color: Black
  • Useful for students, Architectures, designers & more.
  • A1 size bag with long flexible handles to hang on shoulders.
  • Extra thick poly cover.
  • Double Zipper pouch inside for keeping pens, colors, erasers, markers, pins, etc.
  • Strong poly zipper & water resistant fabric used in construction.
  • Easy to use
Qty 1 Piece
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India

About Product: Designer portfolio bags are beneficial to students, architects, and designers. It is simple to use. It is constructed with a strong poly zipper and water-resistant fabric. Designer portfolio bags have a double zipper pouch on the inside for storing pens, markers, erasers, pins, and other small items.


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