A4 Duotone Vertical Clear Bag (DC203)


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Product Pack Information
Product A4 Duotone Vertical Clear Bag (DC203)
About Product


  • FC Dutone Clear Bag with Twin Pocket
  • available in 5 colors


Product code Description Sizes
DC201 Duotone Clear Bag A/4
DC201F Duotone Clear Bag F/C
DC203 Duotone Vertical Clear Bag A/4
DC210F Duotone Clear Bag with Gazette F/C
Product Details:
  • Usage/Application: Office
  • Size: A4 (31.5 X 23)
  • Material: PP
  • Surface Finish: Glossy
  • Closure Type: Button
Qty 1 Piece
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India

About Product: A4 Duotone Vertical Clear Bag is available in vertical shape. It has a glossy surface finish. A4 Duotone Vertical Clear Bag made of polypropylene material. It is available in 5 colors. This bag has twin pockets. It is applicable for office uses.


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