A4 Project Report File (SRF013)


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Product A4 Project Report File (SRF013)
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  • Light in weight
  • Crack-resistant
  • Good durability
  • Spring Cobra File


Product code Description
RF001 Report File A/4
RF001F Report File F/C
RF001V Report File with front view pocket A4
RF010 Report File – Transparent Top A/4
SRF013 Report File A/4

Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: A4 (31 X 23 X 0.5)
  • Usage/Application: Office / School / College
About Product The A4 Project Report File (SRF013) is a type of file commonly used to store and organize project reports. This file is designed to hold A4-sized sheets, which are standard paper dimensions used in many countries.
The SRF013 Project Report File is typically made of durable materials such as polypropylene, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. It also comes with multiple pockets to hold different documents such as project plans, status reports, and other important materials related to the project.
This type of file is ideal for organizing and storing project reports because it keeps all the project information in one place, making it easy to access and review. It is also useful for presenting project information to stakeholders such as clients, team members, or supervisors.
To use the SRF013 Project Report File, simply insert the A4-sized sheets into the pockets and label each pocket according to its contents. You can then organize the pockets in any order you prefer, such as chronological, by project phase, or by topic.
In conclusion, the A4 Project Report File (SRF013) is a useful tool for organizing and storing project reports. Its durable materials and multiple pockets make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to keep project information organized and accessible.
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