A4 Sandy Punch Less File (SRF002)


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Product Pack Information
Product A4 Sandy Punch Less File (SRF002)
About Product Mentioned Price is the basic price of the product, which may vary with the client’s need and specification.


Product code Description
SRF001 Sandy Report File A/4
SRF001-CL Sandy Report File – Cross Line A/4
SRF001P Sandy Report File A/4
SRF001F Sandy Report File F/C
SRF002 Sandy Punchless File A/4
SRF002F Sandy Punchless File F/C
SRF003 Sandy Report File Landscape
SRF004 Sandy Report File – With Pocket A/4
SRF007 Sandy Spring File A/4
SRF012 Sandy Kobra File A/4
PSRF001 Thick Sandy Report File – With Pocket
PSRF001F Thick Sandy Report File – With Pocket

Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic, PVC
  • size: A4 (31 X 24 X 2)
  • Color: Mix
  • Usage/Application: Office / School / College
Qty 1 Piece
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India

About Product: A4 Sandy Punch Less File is very useful for students as well as for office work. It can be used for multiple purposes. it’s available in a mix of colors. The quality of the material is excellent.A4 Sandy Punch Less File can be used for offices, colleges, and schools.



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