A4 Slide Grip Binder-10 mm (RF113)


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Product A4 Slide Grip Binder-10 mm (RF113)
About Product


  • Accurate dimension
  • Organize the documents perfect
  • Customized printing

Other Details:

  • Best for formulating a short report
  • Five color clipping rods for easy classification
  • No punching required
  • Good for home, office & school use


Product code Description Sizes
RF006 Slide Grip Binder – 6mm A/4
RF013 Slide Grip Binder – 10mm A/4
RF013F Slide Grip Binder – 10mm F/C
RF013P Slide Grip Binder – 10mm A/4
RF016 Slide Grip Binder – 4mm A/4
SF008 Double Swing Grip Binder A/4

Product Details:

  • Usage/Application: Home, Schools, Offices, Bank, Shops
  • Color: Mix Slider Color
  • Paper Size: FC
  • File Type: Stick File
  • Folder Size: FC (30.5 X 22)
  • Binding: Slide Binding
Qty 1 Piece
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India


About  Product: A4 slide grip binder has not any requirement of punching. It is easy to use. It can be used for college, school, and office purposes. It is available in multi colors. It is lightweight. You can use A4 size papers in this file. It has an excellent finish. It has a professional look and stylish pattern.



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