A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225)


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Product Pack Information
Product A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225)
  • Excellent binding of pages
  • Perfectly packed
  • Ensure swift writing experience
  • Size: A5 (21.4 X 14.2)
  • Number Of Sheets: 35
About Product Introducing the A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225)

Experience exceptional quality and convenience with the A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225). This office pad is thoughtfully designed to elevate your writing experience, featuring excellent page binding and meticulous packaging.

Measuring A5 size (21.4 x 14.2), this pad offers a compact and portable solution for your office or on-the-go writing needs. With its convenient size, you can easily carry it in your bag or place it on your desk without taking up excessive space.

The pad contains 35 ruled sheets, providing you with an ample supply for your note-taking, brainstorming, or daily writing tasks. Each page is meticulously ruled, offering a structured framework for clear and organized writing.

The excellent binding of the pages ensures that the sheets stay securely in place, preventing any unwanted tearing or detachment. This allows for smooth and uninterrupted writing, enabling you to focus on capturing your thoughts without any distractions.

The A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225) is perfectly packed to maintain its pristine condition. The pad is neatly wrapped, safeguarding the sheets from any potential damage during storage or transportation.

Upgrade your writing experience with this reliable and functional office pad. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply seeking a high-quality writing pad for your personal use, the A5 Office Pad Ruled (WPE1225) guarantees swift and efficient writing every time.

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