Aerotix Scissors



Product Pack Information
Brand Aerotix
Product Aerotix Scissors
Special Features
  • Most common office and home & school scissors.
  • Long Lasting, rust-proof, steel alloy blade.
  • Multi–purpose use scissors.
  • Counter lightweight black handle for comfort.
  • The handle of the scissors is made of a unique ABS material that enhances its durability and extends its lifespan.
About Product Aerotix Scissors are a range of scissors that come in different sizes – 5.5″, 6.3″, and 8″. These scissors are versatile and suitable for use in both homes, schools, and offices for various purposes such as cutting paper, fabric, and other materials.

One of the main features of Aerotix Scissors is their long-lasting, rust-proof, steel alloy blade. This makes them highly durable, and they can withstand heavy use without getting blunt or losing their sharpness.

The scissors also come with a counter-lightweight black handle that provides comfort when in use. The handle is made of a special ABS material that is designed to last for a long time, ensuring that the scissors remain comfortable to use even after prolonged use.

Another advantage of Aerotix Scissors is their multi-purpose use. They can be used for various tasks such as cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, and other materials. This makes them ideal for use in schools, offices, and homes.

In terms of sizing, the scissors are available in three different sizes – 5.5″, 6.3″, and 8″. The different sizes cater to various cutting needs, allowing users to choose the size that best suits their requirements.

Overall, Aerotix Scissors is a reliable and durable cutting tool that is perfect for use in different settings. Their rust-proof, steel alloy blade, comfortable handle, and multi-purpose use make them a popular choice for both professionals and amateurs alike.

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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India