Camel Gum – (700 ml)


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Brand: Camlin
Product Camel Gum – (700 ml) (1 Pcs)
Special Features
  • Best Proven Gum
  • Brush for pasting
Manufacturer The Company’s strength lies in its World Class Quality, giving the consumers “Value for money” offering innovative products and continuous R&D initiatives backed by market research. Camlin Ltd executed Joint Venture agreement with Kokuyo S&T Co Ltd Japan and now changed the company name from “Camlin Ltd” to “Kokuyo Camlin Ltd”.  Today, they have over 2000 innovative products and are the most recognised stationery and art brand in India.
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Workstuff has Camel Gum(700 ml) which is constructed of raw components. This gum is non-toxic, odorless, unpainted, and bland in this sense it is utilized as an emulsifier and stabilizer in the industry. We have various types of sizes available in Camel Gum. It is used for Ideal for Book binding and Cartons manufacturing. 


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