Camlin Gum Bottle Small


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Product Pack Information
Brand: Camlin
Product Camlin Gum Bottle Small (1 Pcs)
About Product:

Camlin Gum Bottle Small is a type of adhesive commonly used for paper-based applications such as arts and crafts, scrapbooking, and office work. The adhesive comes in a small plastic bottle with a twist cap that allows for easy and precise application.

The Camlin Gum Bottle Small is made of a water-based formula that makes it easy to clean up and doesn’t emit any harmful fumes. It is a non-toxic and acid-free adhesive, making it safe for use in all types of paper-based applications.

The adhesive is ideal for bonding paper to paper, and it dries clear, leaving no residue or discoloration. It has a stronghold and sets quickly, making it perfect for projects that require fast and secure bonding.
Overall, the Camlin Gum Bottle Small is a reliable and versatile adhesive that can be used for a wide range of paper-based applications. Its small size and convenient twist cap make it easy to use and store, making it a popular choice among artists, crafters, and office workers.

Special Features
  • Made of natural Ingredients
  • Good Adhesion
  • Ideal for Book binding and Cartons manufacturing
  • Non-Toxic
Manufacturer The Company’s strength lies in its World Class Quality, giving the consumers “Value for money” offering innovative products and continuous R&D initiatives backed by market research. Camlin Ltd executed Joint Venture agreement with Kokuyo S&T Co Ltd Japan and now changed the company name from “Camlin Ltd” to “Kokuyo Camlin Ltd”.  Today, they have over 2000 innovative products and are the most recognised stationery and art brand in India.
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