Clax RR Sour Plus – 25Ltr



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Brand: Diversey
Product Clax RR Sour Plus – 25Ltr
About Product Clax RR Sour Plus is a powerful laundry souring agent specifically designed for professional use in commercial and industrial laundry environments. This souring agent comes in a convenient 25-liter capacity, perfect for high-volume washing machines commonly found in hotels, hospitals, and other large-scale facilities.

One of the main advantages of Clax RR Sour Plus is its exceptional ability to neutralize alkaline residues that detergents may leave behind during the washing process. By doing so, it safeguards fabrics from potential damage and ensures they remain soft and comfortable. Additionally, this souring agent prevents discoloration and yellowing, resulting in brighter and fresher-looking fabrics.

Another remarkable benefit of Clax RR Sour Plus is its effective removal of mineral deposits from fabrics. This helps prevent the accumulation of minerals within the fabric fibers, which can cause stiffness and discomfort. By eliminating these deposits, Clax RR Sour Plus helps maintain the softness and comfort of fabrics, even after repeated washes.

Clax RR Sour Plus also excels at eliminating residual chlorine from fabrics, which is particularly valuable for facilities using chlorine-based detergents. Residual chlorine can make fabrics brittle and susceptible to tearing. By removing chlorine residues, Clax RR Sour Plus extends the lifespan of fabrics and safeguards them from potential damage.

To achieve optimal results and avoid any potential damage to your laundry or washing machine, it is essential to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using Clax RR Sour Plus.

In conclusion, Clax RR Sour Plus is a premium souring agent that proves highly beneficial in commercial and industrial laundry settings. Its ability to neutralize alkaline residues, eliminate mineral deposits, and remove residual chlorine makes it an excellent choice for facilities seeking to enhance the quality and durability of their laundry.

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