Crew Room Freshener – 5 Ltr


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Brand: Diversey
Product Crew Room Freshener – 5 Ltr
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About Product The Crew Room Freshener in a 5 Ltr size is an essential item for any crew room or communal area that requires a pleasant and refreshing fragrance. This powerful air freshener is specially formulated to eliminate unpleasant odors and provide a long-lasting fresh scent.

The Crew Room Freshener is suitable for use in a variety of spaces, including crew rooms, waiting areas, bathrooms, and locker rooms. It is easy to use, with a simple spray nozzle that dispenses the fragrance evenly and efficiently.

The 5 Ltr size of the Crew Room Freshener is ideal for larger spaces or for businesses that require frequent use of the product. It is also an economical option for those who need to use the product regularly.

This product is safe for use around people and pets and does not contain any harsh chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. With its refreshing fragrance and powerful deodorizing capabilities, the Crew Room Freshener is an essential item for any business or organization that wants to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for its customers and employees.

Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India