Envelope White Laminated 120 Gsm


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Product Envelope White Laminated 120 Gsm
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Product Code Description Spaces/Size Quant./Pack pieces
WPP1105L Envelope premium,120gsm, white, laminated 11 x 5 50
WPP1012L Envelope premium,120gsm, white, laminated 10 x 12 50
WPP1014L Envelope premium,120gsm, white, laminated 10 x14 50
WPP1216L Envelope premium,120gsm, white, laminated 12 x 16 50
WPP0810L Envelope premium,120gsm, white, laminated 8 X 10 50

Product Details:

  • Material: Paper
  • Usage/Application: Multi-Purpose
  • Thickness: 80gsm
  • Size: || 6*3.5 || 9*4 || 10*4.5 || 11*5 || All size in inches
  • Color: Classic White
Mfg Date, Warranty & Usage Information See Product Pack for more information
Country of Origin India

Workstuff provides high-quality Envelope White Laminated 120 Gsm. Envelope White Laminated 120 Gsm is made from environmentally friendly brilliant white paper. Equip your firm for success with a broad range of styles and sizes of business envelopes. Its product has the finest quality and rests assured to get the best in terms of both durability and performance. 

Envelope White Laminated 120 Gsm is commonly used as a reply envelope for invoices and business mailings, sent to recipients in order to mail something back to the sender.


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