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Product Identity Card Ribbon
About Product An identity card ribbon is a colored ribbon that is used with a card printer to print and personalize ID cards. Different colors of ribbons can be used to create different designations, such as red for visitors, white for employees, and yellow for contractors.
Red ID card ribbons are often used to designate visitors or temporary employees. This helps to easily identify people who are not regular staff members, allowing security personnel to quickly identify them and restrict their access to certain areas if necessary.
White ID card ribbons are commonly used for regular employees. This allows for easy identification of staff members and helps to maintain security in the workplace.
Yellow ID card ribbons are often used for contractors or vendors who are working on-site temporarily. This helps to distinguish them from regular staff members and ensures that they have limited access to the premises.
Overall, using different colored ID card ribbons is a simple and effective way to manage and maintain access control in various settings. By assigning different colors to different groups of people, it is easier to identify individuals and maintain a secure environment.
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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