Kores Highlighter Assorted


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Product Pack Information
Brand: Kores
Product Kores Highlighter Assorted
About Products Kores Bright Liner was created especially for students and people working in an office environment, who love bright fluorescent colors in a highlighter. It is available in 6 intensive colors: yellow, red, green, pink, blue, and orange. The chisel tip produces a consistent line width of 1-5 mm.

Universal water-based ink is quick-drying and suitable to use on different kinds of paper, including copy, fax, and inkjet printouts. Each marker is filled with 2,8g ink for a long writing length.
Bright Liner has a long cap-off time for longer life. The high-quality ink is also UV resistant.
The original Austrian design guarantees great results. An ergonomic shape with a grip zone provides comfortable marking. The twist-off cap has a wide clip, which makes it easy to clip a highlighter to a pocket or a folder. Finally, it is flat-shaped and pocket-size – so easy to take with you anywhere!

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