Packaging Tapes (WPT4065B48)


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Product Packaging Tapes (WPT4065B48)
About Product: Packaging Tape is a very useful product. It has a smooth surface finish. It is moisture-proof and light in weight. It is available in transparent, brown, and white colors. It is waterproof. Packaging tape is ideal for packing any goods or products. Mostly it is used in industrial areas, manufacturing goods, and any kind of product that can be packed by tape.

Packaging tapes are commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipment or storage purposes. They come in various materials, such as plastic, paper, or cloth, and adhesive types, including acrylic, rubber, or silicone.

Plastic packaging tapes, usually made of polypropylene or vinyl, are lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant. They are ideal for sealing cardboard boxes, and some types can withstand extreme temperatures and moisture.

Paper packaging tapes, also known as gummed tapes, are water-activated and made of reinforced paper. They form a strong bond when wet and are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and recyclable.

Cloth packaging tapes, often referred to as duct tapes, are made of fabric with a rubber adhesive. They are highly durable and resistant to tearing, making them suitable for heavy-duty packaging and repairs.

Packaging tapes come in various widths, lengths, and colors to suit different packaging needs. They are an essential tool for ensuring the safe and secure transport of goods.

  • Smooth surface finish.
  • Moisture-proof.
  • Lightweight
  • Color: Transparent, White, Brown
  • Feature: Water Proof
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Country of Origin India