Paper Tray Mattel Set Of 2 (WPS349)


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Product Paper Tray Mattel Set Of 2 (WPS349)
About Product Product Details:

  • Size: 36 X 27 X 26
  • Color: Black
Qty 1 Piece
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Country of Origin India

Workstuff supplies Paper Tray Mattel Set Of 2 (WPS349) at affordable prices. It has a Detachable design, easy to assemble, and stable structure, when you don’t use it, just disassemble it, and it is suitable for storage. Whether it is placed in the office or at home, this device provides a nice way to keep everything neatly organized and clean. Used to store magazines, books, files, brochures, binders, and more. Fit files to your needs and organize your desk in the process.



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