PVC Ring Binder With Front View Pocket



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Product PVC Ring Binder With Front View Pocket
Special Features Mentioned Price is the product’s basic price, which may vary with the client’s needs and specifications.

  • 2.6 mm thick board to avoid the file from bending
  • Ring mechanism with a heavy-duty, wide base plate and a solid grip
  • Vide enough to allow for dividers
  • Available in several ring sizes to handle various volumes of paper. View the pocket on the front, spine, and rear to insert a sheet for showing the title.
  • Ideal for reports/manual

Product Details:

  • Ring Type: D SHAPE
  • Material: PVC
  • Thickness: 2.6 mm
  • Usage/Application: Office, Home, Schools, Bank, Hospitals
  • Color: Navy Blue, Black, White
About Product The PVC Ring Binder with Front View Pocket is a high-quality office accessory designed to securely store and organize documents, reports, and manuals. The product is made from PVC material and comes in a thickness of 2.6 mm, which prevents it from bending and provides long-lasting durability.

The ring mechanism is of high quality and has a heavy-duty, wide base plate for a firm grip, ensuring that the papers inside are held securely. Additionally, the D-shaped rings are available in different sizes to accommodate different volumes of paper. The binder also has extra-wide spacing to accommodate dividers, which allows for easy categorization and organization of documents.

One of the most notable features of this binder is the front view pocket that is present on the front, spine, and back of the product, allowing you to insert sheets and display the title of the contents inside. This is especially helpful when multiple binders are present, making it easy to identify which one contains the desired information.

The binder comes in three different colors: navy blue, black, and white, making it easy to match your office or personal style. The price mentioned is the product’s basic price, which may vary based on customization, size, and other specifications.

In summary, the PVC Ring Binder with Front View Pocket is an excellent product for anyone looking to store and organize important documents. It is sturdy, and durable, and comes with a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for offices, homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and other such institutions.

Qty 1 Piece
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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