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Product Pack Information
Product Transparent Cello Tape 2″ 40, 60, 65 Meter
About Product: Transparent Cello Tape is a type of adhesive tape commonly used for various purposes like wrapping, packaging, or sticking items together. It is called “cello tape” because it was originally made using cellulose or cellophane.The tape comes in different sizes, but the most commonly used width is 2 inches. The length of the tape roll can vary, with options of 40, 60, or 65 meters available. The length of the roll determines how long the tape will last and how much it can be used for.

The adhesive on the tape is strong and durable, ensuring that the items stick together firmly. Additionally, the tape is transparent, making it ideal for use on surfaces where it is important to maintain the appearance or visibility of the item being taped.

Overall, transparent cello tape is a versatile and essential tool in any office, household, or business setting where packaging or sticking items together is required.

Product Details:
  • Color: Transparent/2 Inch/Meter- 40, 60, 65
  • Packaging Tape For Home, School, Office, And Industrial Use
  • Very High-Quality Product
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Country of Origin India