Visitor Register – (4 quire)



Product Pack Information
Product Visitor Register – (4 quires)
Special Features
  • Visitor register
  • 55 gsm – 4 quire
About Product A visitor register is a record-keeping document used to track the entry and exit of visitors into a particular premises. It is an important tool for maintaining security and safety measures, especially in organizations or establishments that require restricted access.

The 4 quires visitor register is a type of visitor register that comes with four bound notebooks, each containing 55 gsm paper. Quire refers to a unit of paper measurement, and in this case, a quire contains 25 sheets of paper. Therefore, a 4-quire visitor register will have a total of 100 sheets of paper or 400 pages, allowing for a substantial amount of entries.

The 55 gsm paper used in the register is a standard-weight paper that is suitable for most writing instruments, including pens and pencils. The paper’s quality ensures that entries are legible and durable, making it easier to maintain accurate visitor records over a long period.

A visitor register is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and security of premises, as it helps to keep track of all visitors’ movements in and out of the premises. The use of a 4-quire visitor register ensures that there is enough space for recording visitor details, making it a suitable option for organizations that experience high visitor traffic.

Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India