Wooden Push Pin (WPS080W)


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Product Wooden Push Pin (WPS080W)
About Product The Wooden Push Pin (WPS080W) is a classic office accessory designed for posting and organizing papers and documents. This push pin is crafted with a wooden head, giving it a warm, natural appearance.

The head has a smooth, flat top that makes it easy to grip and push into corkboards, bulletin boards, or other surfaces. The pin itself is made of a sturdy metal material, and it features a sharp point that allows it to penetrate even thick or tough materials with ease.

Measuring approximately 1 inch in length, this push pin is compact enough to use in tight spaces, but also large enough to handle thicker documents or multiple sheets of paper. The WPS080W push pin is finished in a crisp, clean white color, making it easy to spot against most backgrounds. This color also adds a touch of elegance to the push pin’s design, making it suitable for use in both professional and personal settings.

Whether you need to post a notice, hang a poster, or organize your office space, the Wooden Push Pin (WPS080W) is a reliable and stylish choice. Its simple yet functional design, combined with its durable construction, makes it a must-have tool for any workspace or home.

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