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Product Transparent Cello Tape 3″ 40, 60, 65 Meter
About Product: Transparent Cello Tape is a type of adhesive tape that is widely used for packaging, crafting, and general-purpose applications. It is made from a clear and durable material that allows for easy visibility of the contents of the package or project.

The Transparent Cello Tape comes in a width of 3 inches, making it suitable for various packaging needs. It is available in different lengths, including 40, 60, and 65 meters, providing flexibility in the amount of tape required for a specific task.

The tape is designed to be strong and reliable, with a strong adhesive that securely seals packages and other materials. It also features a smooth, easy-to-tear surface that allows for quick and easy application.

The Transparent Cello Tape 3″ 40, 60, 65 Meter is suitable for use with a tape dispenser, which helps to make the tape application more efficient and precise. The tape is also easy to unwind and doesn’t tangle, making it convenient to use.

Overall, the Transparent Cello Tape 3″ 40, 60, 65 Meter is a versatile and essential tool for a wide range of packaging and crafting needs. Its transparent design allows for easy visibility of package contents, while its strong adhesive ensures that packages are securely sealed.

  • Color: Transparent /3 Inch /
  • Meter-40, 60, 65
  • Packaging Tape For Home, Office, And Industrial Use
  • Very High-Quality Product
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Country of Origin India